The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Great Social Media Manager

It is an Undisputed fact that each and every business needs to be active in social media. The ever-changing needs of the modern day consumer requires brands to think fast and adapt quickly to be able to remain 1 step ahead.

The Function of a social media manager has appealed to the mass generation of socially-active net users. It is hard not to. Especially when some may think that you can earn huge bucks from submitting Facebook updates. Hardly.

Being a social media supervisor is sort of like being a stand-up comedian. You need to quickly understand your audience as well as your involvement with them is vital. To be able to accomplish this, you want to understand if the audience is laughing at your jokes and you want to understand that in real-time. If you’re able to do this, then you have already won the audience.

So, how can you turn into a societal boss? More to the point, how can you become a great social manager?

The Answer will be surprising to some. Primarily, you have to need it. Second, you have to love it. Third, you need to learn it. And even in the event that you tick all of these boxes, then you need to ask yourself: “Can I be a social person? ” When the solution is no, then turning into a social media manager is most likely not for you…

So let us take a peek at the stats.

LinkedIn reveals 57,910 outcomes for “social networking director”
Social networking has now overtaken porn since the number 1 action on the web
97% of all consumers search for local businesses online
71 percent of customers receiving a Fast brand response on social websites say they would likely recommend that new to other people
93% of marketers use social websites for business
In terms of difficulty of implementation, almost half (49%) of B2B marketers put social networking marketing at the top, followed by articles marketing (39 percent), SEO (26 percent) and cellular (25%)
77 percent of B2B marketers use a blog as part of their content marketing mix
Generally, 25 percent of advertising budgets are now spent on content creation, delivery and promotion
78 percent of small companies attract new customers through societal websites
When asked to rank their own company’s social company maturity on a scale of 1 to 10, more than half of global business executives gave their company a rating of 3 or under

But the statistic That’s most relevant for this article is:

Just 12 percent of these with social marketing feel they actually use it effectively.

Being A social media manager brings with it some important benefits within a freelance setting. The most recognisable being the fact that you are your own boss. You make the decisions and answer to no one. You ship the invoices and you set the policies. You could sit on your own underpants all day on the computer if you wished to.

Another is money. It is an in-demand role, but one that companies are still struggling to come to terms with. Some companies realise and understand the worthiness social websites could bring to their own enterprise and would be happy to invest heavily in strong social media campaigns. Being your own boss, you can decide how to set your costs and price so.

Another Attractive rationale is the reduced barriers to entry. With low startup expenses and a great deal of online resources (such as this one!) To quickly reduce the learning treatment, everyone can start a freelance social management business in a short space of time.

I’ll tell you my story soon but To begin with, let us explore the crucial skills you will need to become a fantastic social networking manager. .

Fundamental Skills:

Marketing Knowledge

You Should possess a good grasp of the basic advertising principles. Some schooling in marketing would be valuable, but otherwise you may discover a lot of quality tools online.


Your expertise Does not necessarily need to be limited to life adventures. Perhaps you have handled your own social media profiles for some time? Do you know how to effectively maintain your own social accounts and understand what clients expect?


I touched on this in the beginning Of this report. If you are not a sociable person – somebody who doesn’t like communicating much and isn’t very outgoing, afterward turning into a social networking manager just is not for you. It’s true that you can hide behind a keyword and track for a little while, but customers will typically want to meet, speak on the phone, or have Skype sessions at some point.

Project Management

You Do not need to have a Prince2 certification, but you do have to have the ability to handle projects and your own time well. It’s typical for social media manager’s to operate with numerous customers at any 1 time. Keeping tabs on everything is important therefore that it doesn’t get overwhelming.


Social Media exists on the internet. Therefore, you need to get a certain amount of computer literacy. Having good understanding of societal technologies will enhance your services and make certain you’re keeping current with the most recent social trends and developments.

Interpersonal Skills:


It Type of goes without saying that if you’re going to be representing a company and participating with their customers, then you will have to have strong communication skills.


Firms don’t To want to hire individuals without a personality to act on behalf of the brand. It doesn’t resonate well with them, or their audiences.


I’ve Touched on this a couple occasions – social media is extremely fast-paced. Imagine if one of your social missions was mostly focused on customer support and you did not respond to client complaints or queries for weeks. People online want quick responses. Being able to fulfil these needs can stand your customer (and you!) in good stead.


To Become a social media supervisor in a freelance capacity, you have to be a self-starter. You ought to be willing to go the extra mile and then have several financial dangers on the way. If you don’t land a job that pays enough in one month, how can this affect you?


A great social media manager must be able to efficiently conduct a vast assortment of tasks.


You Should be very well organised when delivering social media management solutions. I use all sorts of classic tools like calendars, white boards and task lists to keep myself organised. In addition, I use many online management tools, for example: Thunderbird for getting all my email accounts in 1 place, Dropbox to easily share documents with customers and bookmarks to keep track of all of the sites I frequently visit.

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Strategic Thinking

Being able to think Campaigns through until they occur and sometimes thinking beyond the box when necessary, are great advantage to have as a social networking manager. Clients have a tendency to wish to know just how you will do something before letting you do it, so having the ability to present a clear and concise strategy is indispensable.

Contrary To popular belief, a freelance social networking supervisor has to leave his office occasionally! If this is a problem for you, then you should think about starting another livelihood. Virtually every sizeable job I undertake involves multiple meetings with the client. You should have reasonable pitching skills, because you might be asked to market your services face to face too, before being hired. You may even choose to take on in-house work.

Wider Skills:


Every Good social media supervisor is a excellent writer. Writing forms the bases of many facets of internet marketing, be it creating advertisements, writing blogs, engaging with clients, scripting sales copy or writing press releases.

Graphic Design

Pretty much all societal media Platforms provide the functionality to customise the interface and integrate your own branding. If you are sharp using Photoshop (or similar layout software), then you’re in a good position to offer these services as part of your social networking package. Similarly, creating content like infographics, banner ads or graphics is standard practise to get a social networking manager.


Every social media Manager must have sound understanding of advertisements. Be it Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising or banner advertising, you should be aware of the intricacies of each subject and understand how to optimise every format.


Public Connections is closely tied to social networking marketing, in the sense that both involve handling the spread of information between a company and the general public. You may begin not needing to have a profound understanding of PR, as it is typically managed by bigger brands who are interested in persuading stakeholders, investors or the public to maintain a certain point of view.


Everything in marketing Ought to Be measured. You should periodically measure and analyse your social advertising performance and create reports for your customers to demonstrate your worth.


Understanding how social media affects Search engine optimisation will ultimately improve campaign performance. In 2012, there was an average of 5,134,000,000 searches on Google daily. If you believe SEO doesn’t matter to your social activities, think again.

Traditional Marketing

Though you normally won’t Be involved in conventional advertising and marketing practises while undertaking a social networking management role, you need to understand how both forms of marketing influence each other and how each can be best leveraged to complement the other.

Video Editing

This will probably be The least used of your wider abilities, but nonetheless it can assist you in your interpersonal marketing positions. I’ve had a few customers that required presentations or demonstration videos to be edited before being used inside their social media campaigns. I am for sure no expert, but having a reasonable degree of knowledge from using Windows Movie Maker (or similar video editing software) can turn that video file right from the camera into a gorgeous, YouTube-ready video.

Even if you possess All the necessary skills to develop into a social networking supervisor, there is still scope to improve your services by employing different societal tools and applications. I’ll quickly recap on two distinct pieces of software I use that may help you in becoming a fantastic social media manager:

Hootsuite: I wrote an in-depth review of Hootsuite in my blog that also includes a video tutorial which should provide all of the info you will have to know about Hootsuite.
BuzzBundle: This is my favorite and most appreciated piece of software I’ve ever used. I use it mostly to discover keywords around my articles topic from across a huge range of websites, forums and social websites and stream all this information back to me in one interface. I can then see who’s discussing my topic and leap straight into the conversations to add my 2 cents.

So, What exactly does a social media manager actually do? It’s not a case of “Well, I post updates to Facebook. ” Listed below are a Couple of general actions that social media managers will be expected to execute:


You Will have to formulate campaign and platform specific strategies that meet the company objectives. You will create tasks plans, content calendars, set metrics and KPIs, tackle various research activities and execute different kinds of analysis.

Content Creation

Content Creates the bases of any marketing campaign. How you decide to fulfill your campaigns will depend on the different kinds of content you produce. Believe them.

Community Management

Managing Accounts also means handling communities. You ought to be the go-to person if representing brands in social domains and continually reach out and engage with your viewers. You will have to continuously strengthen social relationships to be able to come up with long-lasting followers.

Audience Building

Marketing To the same individuals over and over won’t widen your range and social reach. You ought to be raising readership and your degree of influence in your intended audiences.

Customer Services

Many Businesses utilize social media as an instantaneous channel for customer service. You’ll need to be responsive and helpful in your social activities, frequently function as first point of contact. You’ll be representing the new and managing their customer perceptions.


Each Effort that absorbs investment will need to be quantified and analysed. I’vve formerly written tutorials that show how you can set up your Google Analytics account on my blog.


Once Your efforts have been measured and assessed, your clients will want to understand the way their investment has performed. This may take the form of visual aids for meetings or digital reports. Reporting is a key ingredient of any societal networking manager in order to prove your worth and demonstrate the value you have added to the small business.

I’ve Been active in social websites because July 2007. This was before the time of all of the latest social marketing tools and applications that nowadays are ingrained into most social marketers everyday life. Resources or tutorials weren’t as widely available that could help speed up the learning curve.

I did find an online course that looked pretty Good in teaching me the way to turn my social abilities that I was practising on my own accounts into a fully fledged company. I invested #600 on this online course to learn the fundamentals and now that some years have passed, I could look back and state the value wasn’t all that good, but the thoughts were there. I pushed me to think outside the box and encouraged me to begin my trajectory towards becoming a social media manager.

So before I’d decided to flip my love for social websites It was now when I jumped on board with all the poker boom and started playing online cash games and tournaments. Poker really helped me to develop my own time management, cash management and analysis abilities. I always knew I wanted to begin my own company so that this was a great platform to get my toes wet. Throughout my time playing poker, I was constantly participated in online social conversations and even wrote a few guest articles for poker sites.

Before I knew it, I had been a fully-fledged freelance social media manager…

So To kickstart my freelance social websites function, I combined a bunch of freelance websites like Elance, oDesk and Freelancer. I still use a number of them now.

After a Couple of years of freelancing on little one-off Jobs and developing my social marketing acumen, I had been hired through an internet business services company to run their social networking campaigns, as well as manage all their own customers social marketing campaigns. I still work with them now, which just shows the power of forging good working relationships.

I managed to entice customers in most months For the next few years and every job was pretty varied from the next. This allowed me to develop wider abilities that I have since found almost a necessity so as to provide a well-rounded social networking marketing service. I mentioned some of the wider abilities required to become a great social networking manager to the center of the article.

Additionally, I kept maintaining and constructing my own societal media profiles. It is important to practise what you preach and showcase your expertise on your own domains. My societal profiles have regularly attracted clients, which retains work coming in and builds up my networking potential.

I have been writing in my blog for some Years, but only recently upgraded my website. My own social activities also serve to construct traffic to my websites, where I generate passive income. I like to “listen” to the societal environment and participate with individuals that are already searching for my content. This serves well in strengthening and building connections, as well as attracting targeted traffic.

I Have also become a keen guest blogger. I believe that writing articles for other relevant blogs only serves to maximize your scope and exposure. Once or twice, I’ve had my articles featured by online magazines and publications, which was always wonderful.

Keeping my ears To the floor and getting myself ‘out there’ was among the things that I promised myself I’d do, even though I understood the great majority of my time could be spent inside my home office. I strove to frequently fulfill business connections and clients to make sure that they could match an online persona to a real-life face. The vast majority of this time, I even managed to remember my business cards!

A plan I’ve always Attempted to employ while outsourcing would be to attempt to turn one client into three. People do act on strong recommendations that their friends make. I found that carrying as basic an approach as requesting clients at the end of projects if they knew anyone who could gain from social networking marketing, worked out surprisingly well.

As Social media is such a lively environment with start-ups booming and busting every month or two, I knew that it had been essential to keep up to date with societal developments. Every so often, a client would request me to set up campaigns or profiles on websites that a few social media managers would haven’t heard of. Keeping tuned in enabled me to have at least some knowledge and experience in using these programs, which radically lowered my learning curve and finally result in improved performing campaigns.

Around a year and a half ago, I decided to Broaden by service offerings and establish a web design firm with my business associate. “Thinking Forwards” was born in the summer of 2012. Sites and societal media go hand-in-hand, so this enabled me to up-sell my solutions both ways.

So that brings me loosely to where I am now. I have never used paid advertising or SEO for my own advantage while Being a social media manager. My progression came solely through articles Marketing and guerrilla marketing strategies.

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